Melbourne City Engraving can assist in meeting all your industrial needs relating to signs, labels, or other professional requirements:

  • Block plans
  • Mimic plans
  • Switchboard consoles
  • Control panels
  • Building & construction signage
  • Machine and instrument panels
  • Safety signage
  • Medical labels/marking
  • Electrical labelling and fuse locator diagrams
  • AutoCAD engraving

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For industrial applications we can supply and work with a wide variety of materials, including:

  •  stainless steel (various grades)
  •  aluminium (uncoated or anodised aluminium – available in all colours)
  •  brass/painted brass
  •  plastics – (various brand names –  traffolyte/gravoply/lunaply/laserply (2 ply micro surfaced, available in all colours)
  •  Perspex/acrylic
  •  glass
  •  timber and other wood products.

We are more than happy to discuss the suitability of a material for a particular application, including supplying your own materials.

Depending on your requirements, we offer both laser and rotary engraving/CNC routing options.

Laser Engraving

Melbourne City Engraving use Epilog laser machinery, designed and manufactured in the USA. Our lasers provides the highest industry standard in laser optics technology, ensuring that you receive the highest quality in laser engraving of text/logos/images/identification numbers, etc.

Laser Cutting

We are pleased to offer laser cutting on a wide range of material including plastics, acrylic, wood, leather, delrin, cloth, mat board, melamine, mylar, pressboard, rubber, wood veneer, fibreglass, cork, corian, twill, etc. Laser cutting (plastics/wood/acrylic, etc) allows for the manufacture of precise shapes which can then be engraved.

An example is the preparation of a switchboard control panel – in addition to the labelling and text diagrams, a further requirement may be to cut exact sized holes to allow for knobs or switches to be installed.

Rotary Engraving/CNC Router

Rotary engraving provides a tradition etched finish into the material being engraved, which can be made to any specified depth (e.g. engraving depth can be set to 0.65mm for the entire job). Used where a natural engraved look is needed, or as demanded by specific applications. Paint filling is also suitable where materials are engraved to minimum depth of 0.5mm.

We are pleased to offer rotary engraving with either a diamond or carbide steel bit. Our Gravograph machinery provides the highest quality in CNC routing/rotary engraving, ensuring that each job is completed to the highest standard.

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