Pen Engraving

Melbourne City Engraving specialises in pen engraving. Whether you want to personalise a gift or add a corporate logo, we can assist in meeting your needs.

Please visit our online shopping cart to view our range of pens, all of which are perfect for engraving. Simply select the font, add in the text and your order will be custom engraved.

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For customers who are looking to have an existing or newly purchased pen engraved, we offer 2 types of engraving depending on the material of the pen (see difference between laser and diamond engraving). The preferred method of engraving pens is by diamond rotary engraving – this technique physically etches into the metal and leaves that traditional engraved look. Laser engraving is the alternative engraving method – resulting in a black text/image finish on a metallic surface. This method is excellent if you are looking for a more ‘corporate’ look, or require engraving of logos/images.

Please contact us for more details.

Price guide: $40-$55 for a single pen, unlimited text
Bulk engraving (minimum 20 items): $3-$8 per item

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