Laser cutting allows for the manufacture of precise shapes which can then be engraved. We offer laser cutting on a wide range of material including plastics, acrylic, wood, leather, delrin, cloth, mat board, melamine, mylar, pressboard, rubber, wood veneer, fibreglass, cork, corian, twill, etc.

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Industrial application – In addition to engraving, we offer vector cutting on industrial engraving jobs-  e.g. precise laser cutting on a switchboard console, allowing for installation of 6mm diameter LEDs and 42mm diameter dial switches.

Corporate and promotions – Create logos and custom designs cut from any of the above materials – perfect for presentation awards or general promotional pieces. We offer professional results with a rapid turnaround time.

Students – Fashion/Graphic design and Engineering students – Whether it be cutting exact shapes to construct a model or cutting leather/cloth for a fashion project, we can design and laser cut to your exact requirements. Be sure to mention you are a student to receive our student discount.

Individuals – We regularly work with individuals who have creative ideas they wish to explore further. Laser cutting offers an inexpensive way to create amazing pieces from common materials. Some examples of past projects include:
– laser cutting and engraving mahogany wood to the size and shape of a table clock;
–  laser cutting and engraving leather coasters for a family, each coaster set customised with the names of the family members;
– laser cutting of leather and brand engraving to create wrist bands – an entrepreneurial idea by an individual who went on to sell her product to boutique fashion stores.

If you have any questions please call us directly for further information.

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