Watch Engraving

Melbourne City Engraving specialises in all aspects of watch engraving. Whether it be a retirement gift, birthday present or simply a personalised inscription, Melbourne City Engraving provides the highest standard in watch engraving techniques and technology.

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At Melbourne City Engraving, we understand that a watch is not simply a time keeping device. It is an expression of aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, and in the case of family heirlooms, symbolises generations of sentimentality and legacy.

We can engrave on virtually any part of a watch. Our software allows for text to be positioned precisely around the circular casing of a watch, or any other specified position.

The most popular method of engraving on a watch is diamond rotary computer engraving. This method involves the use of a diamond engraving tip to finely etch into the metal surface, providing a traditional engraved appearance.

The alternative method is laser engraving – a laser beam will mark the surface of the metal, resulting in a black finish. While this is not as classic as the traditional diamond etching approach, laser is perfect for a corporate, professional look, especially when engraving logos or images.

Please contact us for further details on watch engraving, or visit our store to have your product engraved.

Price guide: $45 – $65 depending on complexity of setup; unlimited text

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