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Melbourne City Engraving offers laser engraving/embossing on all leather products.

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Leather embossing has traditionally been done through a stamping process involving high pressure and heat. This technique is still utilised in factories at the production stage, however can be quite a lengthy and costly process if embossing a single item (stamp plate design and setup).

Laser engraving is an extemely popular technique now used to engrave leather. In addition to getting that embossed ‘feel’, the precision of a laser allows for high quality text, photographs and logos to be engraved onto leather. The final result is a stunning finish on any leather product.

Some popular leather engraving ideas are described below:

Leather Handbags & Purses

Add an extra element of creativity and engrave a gorgeous perosnalised design on your purse or handbag of choice. Choose any pattern or design – as small or large as you wish!

Leather Wallets

Men’s wallets – engraving a set of initials is the most common choice for men’s wallets. This disctinvitve touch is subtle yet elegant, personalising an everyday use accessory. Also popular are logos and coporate designs.

Ladies wallets – In addition to engraving initials or logos, women are also requesting  flambouyant designs and artistic patterns!

Leather Belts

We can engrave a variety of styles on both mens and ladies belts.

Leather shoe soles

Engrave your initials and family crest on a new pair of leather soles!


  1. Leather Books/ bookcovers
  2. Leather Compendium / portfolio
  3. Leather coasters
  4. Leather Plaques

Leather plaques are extremely popular as an alternative to tradiaiton plaques. Design your own image, logo or text and have it engraved on any size piece of leather. We are also able to cut shapes/patterns in leather to create your custom design.

Price guide: $40-60

Products & design

Perhaps you have your own design for a leather placemat, wristband or keychain? The sky is the limit when you come to Melbourne City Engraving!

We work with a wide variety of customers who each have specific laser engraving and cutting needs:

Example 1: Melissa – making wristbands

Aiming to expand her wristband business, Melissa contacted us enquiring about embossing on leather (for branding purposes). She was surprised to learn that we were also able to laser (vector) cut all her wristbands from supplied leather sheets. After receiving her design we did a test run – laser cutout of the band, oval hole cutout of 3mm diameter for the band clasp, and her brand engraved onto one side. Melissa was extremely happy with the final result and commented that the natural burn of a laser on leather made the end product more durable and resistant to fraying along the sides (compared to normal blade cutting). We have since worked with Melissa to create hundreds of her wristbands at a very afforable cost.

Success story 2: Corporate client – promotional keytags

We were contacted by a corporate promotions company who had very specific requirements for creating 200 leather keytags. We worked closely with the company in desiging their product and proceeded to source the appropriate leather for the job. The final result was high end promotional item made of high grade leather cut to an exact shape and engraved with a high resolution company logo.

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